Product Characteristics

The equipment has semi-automatic suction system with the ability to filter sand and silt, it will pump out the quality sand, but leave the silt under in order to protect the sea bed and keep a harmonious environment, by the same time increasing the purity and cleanness of the sand with its advanced washing system.

This dredger has strictly protected oil-managing system to make sure there is not a drop of oil leaking into the water, thus while it is moving and working around, will not cause any pollution and damage to the environment system.

Intensive research combined with the latest technology has made the new generation FC-D60 suction dredger available to the dredging industry. The improvements in sufficiency and savings in fuel consumption are spectacular. The installed power in the FC series is significantly lower than with its predecessors, yet equivalent or even higher dredging output is still provided.

It can be made:30 M3, 45 M3 ,60 M3, 75M3, 100M3, 500M3

The cabin capacity: 30-500 cubic meters:;

Sand depth: 5-25 m;

Production: 20-500 m3 / h;

Power: 20-300 kw.

Sediment transport pipeline transport and belt conveyor, no bottom dump sand pumping is self pumping load to the shore, the tank bottom hatch Unloading Sand in deep water activity to be pumped to the shore, time saving and high efficiency.


Product Use

For different customers, different waters and different landform, the company can provide professional customise desgin for dredging ships and protect intellectual property rights .

This self-transportation self-offloading dredging machine has strengthened the hull structure which is firm enough for resistance to the strong wind and wave. The dredging vessel speed reach 30KM/H during working operation the by single engine.The dredgers are able to suit different water area, which can be working in the water depth between 0.8 meter  to 25 meter.

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